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Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Mangnejo

Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Mangnejo


Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Mangnejo is an officer of Pakistan Administrative Service. He joined Civil Services in 1996. Prior to present posting in Pakistan Reinsurance Company Limited, he has held the positions of Home Secretary, Secretary Social Welfare, Secretary Implementation, Special Secretary Finance and Managing Director Public Procurement Regulatory Authority in the Government of Sindh. He has served the Federal Government as Director General EOBI and Director Finance Trading Corporation of Pakistan. He has also served on the boards of PRIMACO and Sahara Insurance (subsidiaries of EOBI).

Mr. Mangnejo has a Masters degree in Management from London School of Economics, UK and a Masters degree in Economics. He also has a degree in Law and Civil Engineering. He has attended different local and international professional training courses, workshops and conferences.

Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Mangnejo has experience in Public Administration, Financial Management, Public Procurement, Criminal Administration, Human Resource Management etc.

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